Friday, 1 April 2011

How to make money with Hubpages

Hubpages was my first attempt to make money online and I think for anyone who is new to trying to make money online it is a really easy way to start.

Hubpages is a website which provides people with the opportunity to write a short article, story or product review and earn a regular monthly passive income from it.

It is free to join and it is really easy to create hubs. The more hubs that you write the more you earn.

I have been  member for just over a year and have written over 30 hubs so far. Each one has taken me about one to two hours to write and I write in my spare time.

Whilst I won't be retiring anytime soon from my paid jobs, the amount I am earning each month is certainly worth having if saved up over a year. My earnings each year should be enough to pay for either my annual European citybreak, a couple of my annual car bills or all of my Christmas presents.

The best bit of all is that my 30 Hubs should continue to earn me this amount every year without me having to do much else to them. I can also write more if I choose to with the potential to earn more each month.

I do go and check on them occassionally to see how they are doing and make a few tweaks here and there if necessary. Hubpages automatically gives you advice on how to tweak the  titles and content of each hub  to align it with what the public are specifically searching for.

So, the all important question - How can you make money with Hupages? 

Hubpages enables you to earn money on your hubs in several ways:

  • You can allow adverts to be placed on your hub. The adverts are then automatically placed on your hub by Google. If a reader clicks on the advert, you earn an amount of money for that click which could be anything from a few pence to a few pounds. The reader doesn't have to buy anything. The amount may not sound very much but lots of little clicks soon add up.
  • You can sell products on your hub and earn a commision. Hubpages has a very simple tool which enables you to put a photo of an Amazon or E-bay product on your Hub. If the reader clicks the photo they are taken through to Amazon or E-bay's website and if they buy something within a certain amount of time you earn a commission. 
  • You can also introduce your friends to hubpages and earn a percentage of their earnings. 
It is free to join hubpages but you share your earnings with them, 60% goes to you, 40% goes to Hubpages.

Hubpages is a really easy, free way to get your foot in the door online and learn lots of useful skills. They have an excellent learning centre with an explanation of how it works. There is also an active and helpful community of fellow hubbers if you need help and many have written useful hubs with advice on how to write successful hubs that earn money.

You can write about almost any subject you like, although some topics are off limits. I am sure you have lots of subjects you can write about and if not Hubpages has lots of suggestions on topics you can write about.

You need to write at least 500 words to make a good quality hub. Some of my hubs are pure creative self-expression such as short stories, some provide what I hope is helpful information to others and some are aimed at selling Amazon products and making a commission.

So far 100% of any money I have made has come from Google Adsence, where I earn if people click on an advert. I have yet to make any money from Amazon, but it is early days yet.
Becoming a member of hubpages is fun, an easy and low risk way to make money online and you get to meet lots of interesting people from all around the world.

If you would like to join Hubpages and start earning money online, click below to join.

Once once you have joined go to the bottom of their homepage where you will find a link to their learning centre. Good Luck!

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