Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How to make money Blogging

Many people around the world make money online with a blog.

I currently have three blogs and they all make me money every month.

The easy way to start a blog is with Google - it is free to create a blog with Google and you have the option of putting Google Adverts on your blog that earn you money everytime someone clicks on the advert.

The other way is to create a blog with Word Press and you can use your blog as a place that people can pay you to put their adverts on.

For now, we will start with a Google Blog as it is the easiest first step into the world of blogging.

To start:

Search online for Google Blogger and join up.
You can create as many blogs as you like. For now, let's just start with one.
Create your first Blog by choosing a topic you like writing about.
Think of a name for your blog.
Write your first post and publish it.

The point of this exercise is to get you started on blogger, create a blog and write and publish your first post.

Once you have created your first blog and are comfortable writing posts we are now going to put adverts onto your blog.

To do this,  look up Google Adsense and join up.

Once you have joined Google Adsence, go back to your blog.

Now click on the Layout Button on the Left Hand side.

It will show you the layout of the page.

Click on one of the gadgets. It will bring up a list of options for you to choose from. Choose Adsense Advert.

It will then ask you to choose the shape of the advert, choose a rectangle to start with. You can take a look at the other styles later.

Press save, you now have a Google Advert on your Hub. Google chooses what advert goes there. You make money when someone clicks on your advert.

To find out how much money you are making, go to your Google Adsense account and it will show you how many people have visited your account and how much money you have earned.

That is the basics of creating a monetised Google Blog.

You are probably aware that many webpages contain adverts. When you create a blog, you can have adverts put onto your page.

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